Payday loan: what is it?

If you are looking for a quick and easy loan you can consider the payday loan that offers Loan providers and that is enjoying great success. This is a loan that you can get thanks to the help of qualified personnel. It is not necessary to have a BancoPosta current account and you can also receive financing for non-excessive amounts.

The payday loan, in fact, is disbursed from € 3,000.00 and is paid back monthly , with convenient installments, within a minimum period of 24 months and a maximum of 84 . To find out all the details and to deepen the numerous advantages of the payday loan offered by Loan providers you can continue reading, in order to have clearer ideas and understand if this solution can do for you, otherwise find out here how to get a free quote for a personal loan.

Loan providers offers the payday loan to meet the most diversified needs.

It is a loan that can last from 24 up to 84 months and can get you a sum of 3,000.00 up to 30,000.00 euros . Once you have received the sum, it will be credited to your BancoPosta current account . If you are not a BancoPosta account holder, the sum financed will be credited to your bank account. If you have a postal booklet you can also get the cash amount by going to the Italian Post Office counter . Even if you do not have a postal booklet you can request the sum in cash, but for a maximum amount of 10,000.00 euros.

Reimbursement is made by debiting the installment on the postal or bank account, card or by paying postal bills . In addition to the financing, Loan providers offers the possibility to take out insurance coverage for the protection of your family and your assets. These insurance policies are optional, but they guarantee you the loan coverage in case of unexpected events affecting your health or your work. If you are looking for a personal loan use the following comparators to access the best loan offers.

How you can apply for the payday loan

The first thing you will need to do is look for the post office closest to you . To avoid unnecessary queuing you can contact the free number to make an appointment, even on Saturday, in order to ask for your payday loan . On the day of the appointment, at the scheduled time, you will have to go to the selected post office. A qualified consultant will be waiting for you to guide you to the payday loan request and to provide the solution that best suits your needs.

To obtain the payday loan, you must have certain requirements . Furthermore, it will be necessary to present the prescribed documentation. As for the requirements, the Italian residence is required and an income (pension or work) provable and produced in Italy. At the time of the request you must be provided with an identity card, social security number or health card, which must be valid. You will not even forget to post the documentation certifying your income eg payroll. Sometimes, Loan providers may ask you to attach additional documentation, especially to allow you access to periodic promotions or favorable terms.

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