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1 Gbps broadband plans with OTT benefits from Jio, ACT and Airtel


The growing broadband market in the country has become an undeniable need of the hour since the arrival of the pandemic. Whether users use it for streaming, work from home, or even small businesses, the reliability of seamless Wi-Fi connectivity across multiple devices has increased dramatically. Broadband connections are also very important for offices that require multiple users to log on at the same time. Such scenarios require a very high speed internet connection in order to keep operations running smoothly. Additionally, users always want something more than just a high-speed internet connection, and Internet service providers (ISPs) nationwide are bundling various OTT subscriptions with their broadband plans. Below are mentioned the 1 Gbps broadband plans offered by Jio, ACT and Airtel, which come with access to various OTT platforms.

JioFiber 1 Gbit / s plan

As for the 1 Gbps plans, JioFiber offers two plans with different data limits. The first plan offered by JioFiber costs Rs 3,999 per month (30 days) and offers an internet speed of 1 Gbit / s with an FUP data limit of 3.3TB or 3,300GB. The other 1 Gbps plan from JioFiber costs Rs 8,499 for a 30 day validity period and offers 6,600 GB of total data. Both of these plans offer unlimited calling and equal upload and download speeds set at 1 Gbps.

On top of that, Jio offers a ton of OTT subscriptions that include access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, and thirteen more. The Amazon Prime Video that comes with this plan is valid for one year. Please note that the prices of these packages exclude GST and that it will be invoiced as the case may be. Users can access these plans from the official Reliance Jio website.


The Bangalore-based internet provider offers an unlimited 1000 Mbps data plan called the ‘ACT GIGA’ pack. Using state-of-the-art fiber technology, the connection offers incredible speed and equal upload and download speeds. Users can get ACT GIGA pack from provider at monthly cost of Rs 5,999. No FUP data is taken from the plan and users can enjoy truly unlimited data with this plan from ACT.

ACT’s 1 Gbps plan also offers access to multiple OTT platforms, including a free trial of Zee5, Sony Liv, ACT TV 4K and more. ACT does not provide access to any major OTT platform such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney + Hotstar. It should be noted that all of these plans are based on the city of Bangalore and the prices may vary depending on the different cities.

Airtel Xstream 1 Gbit / s plan

Airtel also offers a 1 Gbps unlimited data plan, known as the Infinity plan. Users can get Airtel Xstream Fiber connection to access the ‘Infinity’ plan which includes subscription to some of the major OTT platforms in India, such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar, as well as access to Wynk Music . The plan offers 1 Gbps high speed internet data at a cost of Rs 3,999 for a month. FUP data for all unlimited plans is 3500 GB or 3.5 TB. Package price excludes GST and may be charged as applicable. It should be borne in mind that this map is for the city of Delhi and the plans may vary slightly from city to city. Airtel’s FTTH technology is able to connect up to 60 devices at a time and enables high speed downloads.