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100,000 times faster than 5G! Japanese researchers claim world data transmission record

The internet speed around the world has increased dramatically over the past decade, but scientists are still trying to improve it every day. With the deployment of 5G technology, the world will enter a new era of internet speeds, but Japanese researchers have achieved data transmission speeds almost 100,000 times faster than 5G. The Network Research Institute of the National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (NTIC) has won the world record by performing data transmission at an astonishing speed of 1.02 petabits (PB) per second. This translates to approximately 125,000 gigabytes (GB) per second and can be transmitted over a distance of approximately over 51.7 km.

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The feat was achieved using 0.125mm diameter optical fibers and NICT described the massive achievement as “a major step towards realizing very high speed optical links…compatible with existing cabling technologies for short-term adoption”. .”

“The demand for improved data transmission capability has inspired both the study of new spectral transmission windows and advanced fiber optics exploiting parallelization in the space domain”,

“In recent years, advanced fibers with the same cladding diameter as standard single-mode optical fibers but capable of supporting multiple propagation paths have been proposed”,

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“These fibers can multiply transmission capacity but are still compatible with existing manufacturing processes and have emerged as a likely candidate for near-term commercial adoption of these transformative communication technologies,” NICT said in its official release.

The previous record also belonged to NTIC with 1 petabit per second which had been reached in 2020.


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