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1,077 GPs in Prayagraj and Kaushambi get FTTH connectivity

As many as 1,077 grams of panchayats from 18 development blocks in Prayagraj and Kaushambi districts have been connected to Fiber to the Home (FTTH) cable to provide high-speed internet connectivity, informed development officials have informed.

The Corona outbreak has come to reiterate the importance of internet connectivity and online study and in this context all gram panchayats and government run primary and higher schools therein must be connected to a free high-speed internet connection, they added.

According to BSNL report, FTTH was connected to a maximum of 108 grams of panchayats from Dhanupur development block, followed by 93 from Saidabad development block and 80 from Handia development block in Prayagraj till 24 June.

The report, a copy of which is with HT, states that on 1345 gram panchayats in which the PLB or Permanently Lubricated (PLB) cables and Optical Fiber Cables (OFC) were to be laid, work was completed in panchayats of 1077 grams. until June 24. “The work in the remaining gram panchayats would soon be completed,” said BSNL-Prayagraj public relations officer Ashish Gupta.

As part of this initiative, schools will benefit from free high-speed Wi-Fi access for one year. The union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had started providing FTTH connectivity to government buildings and government run primary and upper primary schools in all gram panchayats about two years ago.

On August 14, 2020, Director General of UP (School Education) Vijay Kiran Anand had written a letter to all district magistrates, asking them to connect schools and panchayat buildings in gram panchayats with fiber cables .

State Department of Education officials stress that free Wi-Fi will be important in times to come. It will be useful in studies and monitoring children. The way teachers receive online training and everything is connected to the government’s human resources portal, internet connectivity will play an important role in education, they claim.