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5G, fiber and more: Mukesh Ambani’s 5 ideas on connectivity for the next decade


During the fifth edition of the Indian Mobile Phone Congress, Trusted industries President Mukesh Ambani delivered the opening speech. In his speech, Ambani discussed the important role of technology in various areas of life. “Indians have embraced the technology with unbridled optimism,” Ambani said. He also shared five ideas that could shape connectivity for the next decade. Here’s what Ambani said:

To move to 5G as soon as possible

Ambani said India must complete the migration from 2G to 4G to 5G at the earliest. “Keeping millions of Indians at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid confined to 2G is to deprive them of the benefits of the digital revolution,” he said in his opening speech.

5G should be a “national priority” and Jio focus on it

Ambani explained how the deployment of 5G should be India’s national priority and how Jio is focused on the execution of 4G and 5G and the expansion of broadband infrastructure. “We have developed a 100% local and complete 5G solution, completely cloud native and digitally managed. ”

Affordability and digital inclusion

The Chairman of Reliance Industries said India should not lose sight of the fact that affordability has been a key driver of the phenomenal expansion of the mobile subscriber base in India. “India should move towards greater digital exclusion, not greater digital exclusion. He added that India must ensure accessibility not only of services, but also of devices and applications. “The best way to ensure global affordability is the agile adoption of futuristic technologies and supporting policy tools like the use of the USO fund for non-service purposes. The USO fund can be used to subsidize devices to select target groups, ”he added.

Fiber connectivity is essential

Ambani said India should work on ubiquitous fiber connectivity on a “mission mode”. He said that for India to be ready for the future, it must be fiber ready. “If all industry players work together, we can quickly achieve a national fiber footprint, just as we have reached mobile telephony in every corner of the country over the past decade,” he said. declared.

A robust digital ecosystem

It is time, Ambani said, that beyond connectivity, the focus should be on the critical components of the digital ecosystem that are necessary for India’s digital transformation. “We are already seeing innovative solutions in education, financial services, entertainment, retail, agriculture, manufacturing and other key verticals of the economy,” he added.