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5G technology will take development to new heights by accelerating internet speed

Tech News Desk- One of the things that has changed human life the most over the past three or four decades is the Internet. The internet has brought a charisma that was not even imagined in previous centuries. Since the internet has moved from laptop to mobile, it has become more mainstream. However, our culture, having tasted all the benefits of the Internet, is now beginning to feel the need for sensational speed in this technology. The expectation of such a fast internet in our country can now be fulfilled with the 5G network. The process of auctioning the spectrum necessary for this purpose has been completed. Spectrum auctioning is an essential part of the 5G network expansion process. Four private telecom operators – Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea and newcomer Adani Data Network – participated in the auction. It is claimed that once the 5G network is launched in the country, mobile and internet customers will be able to get telecom services ten times faster than 4G.

4G services in the form of broadband (especially mobile broadband) have grown rapidly in our country since 2015. With this, the scope of digital connectivity has increased significantly. As a result, today 800 million subscribers in the country have access to broadband. In 2014, this figure was only ten crores. The growing reliance on mobile internet has led us to embrace the 5G cellular network. Those who have tasted 4G believe that 5G will bring more speed in data transfer (audio-video download-download), but 5G technology is not limited to this. In the days to come, when country roads criss-cross driverless cars, telesurgery is practiced, movies are quickly downloaded for entertainment and online education is facilitated, high-speed internet will be needed. For this, 5G technology may prove more useful. This is the reason why 5G trials have been going on for a long time in rapidly developing countries like America, Europe, South Korea and China. 5G has become obsolete in some countries like Japan. Preparations are underway to launch 6G technology by 2030.