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A new initiative to improve Nenagh’s digital connectivity


Pictured at the launch of Free Public Wifi in Nenagh Town Center as part of the WiFi4EU initiative were, left to right, Clodagh Kelly (Magnet Networks / Magnet Plus), Frank McGrath (Nenagh and District Chamber of Commerce), Simon Howe (Broadband Officer, Tipperary County Council), Cllr Michael O’Meara (Cathaoirleach, Nenagh MD), Philip Clapperton (Magnet Networks / Magnet Plus), Rosemary Joyce (District Administrator, Nenagh MD, Tipperary County Council), Marcus O’Connor (Director of Services, Nenagh MD, Tipperary County Council), Renier Botha (Magnet Networks / Magnet Plus) and Donal Murphy (Staff Officer, Nenagh MD, Tipperary County Council). PHOTO: ODHRAN DUCIE

Free public Wi-Fi, which was provided as part of the WiFi4EU initiative, is now available in Nenagh town center. Free Wi-Fi is now available in public areas around the Nenagh Arts Center, Kickham Street, Pearse Street, Mitchel Street, Kenyon Street and Silver Street. Free Wi-Fi will also be available at Dublin Road City Park and Leisure Center, Nenagh. The Wifi4EU program is funded by the European Commission, the Department of Rural and Community Development and Tipperary County Council.

Cathaoirleach of the Municipal District of Nenagh, Cllr Michael O Meara said: “This is fantastic news for the Town of Nenagh and is just one of many examples of the great work that is being done. Nenagh is very open for business and this initiative is important as we enter the key holiday season for the retail industry. This service is only possible thanks to the local companies who have supported the project a lot. The initiative, which has brought free Wi-Fi hotspots to the city, will improve digital connectivity for those visiting and shopping in Nenagh. Congratulations to everyone who has been associated with this project.

The WiFi4EU initiative aims to promote citizens’ interest in high capacity Internet services. It also aims to contribute to digital inclusion and promote digital literacy. Consumers will benefit from better and faster access to public services, public data and our local cultural information.

Pat Slattery, Tipperary County Council Services Director, said: “Tipperary County Council is delighted to support this WiFi initiative. This infrastructure is important in attracting tourists, investors and also a talented workforce to the town of Nenagh. This will ensure that our local communities and visitors to the city will benefit from a free WiFi network. “

Simon Howe, Head of Broadband at Tipperary County Council, said: “Advances in digital technologies are changing the way local authorities deliver services and the way we engage and communicate with local citizens and businesses. There is a need to use digital technology to drive economic development and prosperity in all of our urban and rural areas in which we operate and to take advantage of the rapidly growing digital economy.

Nenagh Municipal District District Administrator Rosemary Joyce added: “The Wifi4EU initiative will increase the quality of life in our local community by making it easier to access essential services eg e-health, education e-government and e-government, will enable the creation of new digital inclusion offerings, for example digital skills training, and promote the development of innovative local small and medium enterprises in digital products and services in the city of Nenagh.

The new service was installed by Magnet Plus (formerly Magnet Networks), and Philip Clapperton for Magnet Plus said: “We are delighted to have completed the installation of free Wi-Fi in the town of Nenagh as part of the ‘WiFi4EU initiative. This free service will enhance both the resident and visitor experience when visiting the town of Nenagh.

To complement this initiative, Tipperary County Council is also installing two “smart benches” in Nenagh. These will be located at the Nenagh Arts Center and the Nenagh Leisure Center. They will be located outdoors and will facilitate the charging of cell phones and the display of digital information.