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Air Force AWACS Aircraft Performs First Airborne EW Data Transmission, Updates

A US Air Force E-3G Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft performed in-flight data transmissions and an in-flight update for the first time during a recent proof-of-concept test in Florida.

The service branch said Thursday that the electronic warfare milestone helped show the E-3G aircraft’s ability to adapt to new threats and reprogram mission data in a short time on future combat fields. battle.

During the test, the E-3G operated by the Combined Test Force AWACS used its Internet Protocol communications satellite communications system to transmit electronic warfare data to the 36th Electronic Warfare Squadron, which returned analyzed and corrected data to the aircraft in less than an hour.

The team then used the newly received information to update its electronic support measures database using a mission computer system on board the aircraft.

“EThe next step is to build on this concept within the E-3G community and work with other airborne platforms to use IPEC and existing datalinks to provide in-flight updates. for other platforms,” shared Lieutenant Colonel Dameion Briggscommander of the 605th Test and Evaluation Squadron, Detachment 1.

Based on Boeing 707, the E-3G uses externally mounted radar to provide early warning, airborne command and control to the Air Force.