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Alaska Community First To Get Broadband Through OneWeb Satellite


The Akiak Indigenous community worked with Pacific Dataport and Microcom to install the state’s first OneWeb Low Earth Orbit (LEO) user terminal, making Akiak the first LEO village in the United States.

Kevin Hamer (photo), President and CEO of Akiak Technology, said, “We provide affordable high-speed internet access to 100% of our homes and businesses because we have strong and committed tribal leaders and a strong team. exceptional project. Akiak’s project is “the culmination of months of planning and the recent granting by the FCC of 2.5 GHz spectrum to tribes across America.” The Akiak Indigenous community is a federally recognized Native American Indian tribe, and owns Akiak Technology as a wholly owned tribal enterprise.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Hamer has held senior positions at the US Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, and the US Mint. He describes Akiak Technology as “a tribal-owned IT company that helps agencies embrace, integrate and accelerate digital transformation,” adding, “Our goal is to create economic development for our indigenous peoples using the statutory benefits of procurement. federal.

Hamer said, “As core members of our team, Pacific Dataport and Microcom provided the OneWeb LEO solution and support that Akiak Technology needed to finally begin to bridge the digital divide for our unserved tribal communities in the South. western Alaska.

The community user terminal communicates with the air satellites and connects to the community-wide distribution system, using Cambium technology provided by Microcom. Pacific Dataport will provide the user terminal and backhaul for the OneWeb LEO community that enables broadband broadband connectivity.

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