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Bangladesh has worst mobile internet speed among 110 countries: report


Photo by: ADB Photo | Abir Abdallah


Photo by: ADB Photo | Abir Abdallah

Bangladesh has the worst mobile internet speed among 110 countries in the world, according to the recently released 2021 Digital Quality of Life Index. Bangladesh’s overall ranking is now 103rd out of 110 countries.

In South Asia, India ranks 59th, Sri Lanka 88th and Pakistan 97th.

Denmark, like last year, placed first on the list while South Korea and Finland placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Digital Quality of Life Index is a report published by Surfshark, a world-renowned VPN service company. The report indexes 110 countries around the world by examining five fundamental pillars that define digital quality of life.

These five pillars are: Internet accessibility, Internet quality, electronic infrastructure, electronic security and electronic government. These pillars consist of 14 indicators (two more than last year) that are interrelated and work together to measure the overall digital quality of life.

This year’s study includes 25 (29%) more countries than DQL 2020, most of which are African countries.

Bangladesh’s ranking has dropped 25 places from last year and it currently ranks 30th out of 32 Asian countries. However, Bangladesh ranked 16th for Internet stability and 43rd in the broadband Internet growth category.

According to the report, the reason for Bangladesh’s poor ranking was mainly due to the low scores in the “Electronic Security” segment. Additionally, Bangladesh also ranked 96th in the “AI Ability” category in the “E-Government” segment.


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