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Bangladesh ranks 135th out of 137 countries for mobile internet speed


Bangladesh ranked 98e out of 181 countries in terms of broadband Internet speed

Bangladesh lags further in terms of mobile internet speed, ranking 135th out of 137 countries.

The country is ahead of only Afghanistan and Venezuela in the list, according to the June report from Ookla, a global platform that operates with the speed and comparative image of the Internet.

Ookla publishes a report each month, which presents a comparative picture of the speed of mobile and fixed (broadband) internet in different countries.

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The June report shows that the mobile internet download speed in Bangladesh is 12.48 Mbps and the upload speed is 7.98 Mbps.

UAE has the fastest mobile internet in the world and its download speed is over 193.51 Mbps. South Korea, Qatar, Norway and Cyprus were among the top five countries providing mobile speed, the report adds.

Bangladesh ranks 98e in high speed Internet speed

Despite the dilapidated state of mobile internet, Bangladesh occupies a good position in terms of broadband internet speed. However, the country took two steps back in June.

According to Ookla, Bangladesh ranks 98e out of 181 countries in terms of broadband Internet speed. The broadband download speed in the country is 38.27 Mbps while the upload speed is 37.22 Mbps with a latency of 11 milliseconds.

Monaco is the fastest country in broadband internet speed at 261 Mbps, according to the report. Turkmenistan is on the list of the slowest countries with a broadband internet speed of 0-4.49 Mbps.

Neighboring India ranks 70e while Pakistan is 164th with a speed of 12.77 Mbps.