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BSNL obtains license to operate Inmarsat GX Broadband in India


Inmarsat will launch seven more GX satellites, including its next-generation GX satellites, over the next three years.

Inmarsat has confirmed that its strategic partner BSNL has received the necessary licenses to provide Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) mobile broadband services in India.

Under BSNL’s Inflight and Maritime Connectivity (IFMC) license from the Department of Telecommunications, GX will be available to Indian government, aviation and marine customers.

Indian airlines will be able to deploy GX for in-flight connectivity in India and around the world, while Indian commercial shipping companies will be able to dramatically improve the digitization of their vessels for more efficient maritime operations and the well-being of crews. services. BSNL’s license will also see the GX service offered to government and other users. There will be a gradual introduction of services for customers and partners.

Rajeev Suri, CEO of Inmarsat, said: ?? Today is an important day for Inmarsat and our valued long-term partnership with India, which signed the founding treaty establishing Inmarsat in 1979. Inmarsat is excited to do the world ?? It’s the only global Ka-band mobile broadband network available to government and business in India through our partner BSNL. We are committed to India and the company has been a trusted partner of the Indian government for four decades. Today’s announcement, which we proudly share with our friends at BSNL, will help support the economic growth we all want to see in India.

GX, operating in the Ka-band, is the first and only high-speed broadband network designed for mobility and government customers to cover the world seamlessly. The service offers the high bandwidth, reliability and security demanded by commercial and government mobility customers. GX is continually evolving to bring even more capacity, capability and operational agility to Inmarsat customers, now and in the future. The company will launch seven more GX satellites, including its next-generation GX satellites, over the next three years, each of which will add more capacity in a single region than the first four satellites combined. The GX Gateway for India is located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Chairman and CEO of BSNL, PK Purwar added: ?? BSNL and Inmarsat are delighted to share this milestone with our partners and customers in India. Global Xpress is recognized as the world’s best high-speed satellite communications service for government customers and mobility companies and we are very pleased to make these capabilities available to users in India. All of us at BSNL appreciate the commitment to excellence shown by the Indian government as we worked on the approvals to provide this service to the country. Likewise, we thank our partner Inmarsat for their collaborative spirit which has made it possible to reach today’s milestone to help advance economic development in India through better connectivity for our customers.

Ajay Singh, President and CEO of SpiceJet Ltd, said: “We are delighted that Global Xpress, the world’s leading passenger in-flight connectivity service, is now coming to India. We look forward to bringing this revolutionary connectivity service to our passengers later this year when we introduce our new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. It will allow our customers to stay connected in the air as they do on the ground.

Gautam Sharma, Managing Director of Inmarsat India, said: ?? Inmarsat is well positioned to partner with the Government of India to meet the ever increasing demand for reliable and mobile satellite communication services across a wide range of business sectors and public. Following the successful introduction of Inmarsat’s broadband voice and data communications services across India in the past, we are announcing today that Inmarsat’s award-winning Global Xpress services have now been licensed by the company. intermediary of our precious partner BSNL. Global Xpress is the gold standard for high-speed mobile satellite broadband communications. It will enable Indian domestic airlines and international airlines flying over India to provide the fastest in-flight connectivity in the world. It will also speed up the digitization of Indian-flagged vessels and give an advantage to the Indian government, including its defense forces. We are proud to be led by Rajeev Suri, a global leader born in India as we unlock the next phase of engagement with the Indian government and the Indian market.


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