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Chorus: Fiber upgrade is expected to propel New Zealand into the world’s top 10 connectivity speeds for the first time


The biggest performance improvement Chorus has ever achieved for New Zealand fiber optic customers is expected to propel New Zealand into the global broadband rankings, with projections showing the country is likely to be in the top ten for the top fastest speed in the world by early 2022.

Chorus is working closely with broadband retailers to upgrade customers to its wholesale 100 Mbps fiber optic service. Where broadband retailers are going through the upgrade to their residential customers, the change will triple the download speed to 300 Mbps, while five times the download speed from 20 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Businesses using the 100/100 Mbps “Business Evolve” wholesale plans and 100/100 Mbps “small business fiber” plans that receive the upgrade will upgrade to upload and download speeds of 300/300 Mbps and 500/500 Mbps respectively, recognizing the importance of download speeds when working from home or using cloud services.

“When we started building the fiber optic network in New Zealand, our ambition was to be envied globally for our broadband. We believed that our small nation could exceed its weight and be a powerhouse. connectivity, ”said JB Rousselot, CEO of Chorus. .

“The strong increase in fiber to our standard commercial and residential fiber plans means we can make it happen. And that’s just the start of what fiber can do – the capacity and speeds are virtually limitless. ”

Our modeling indicates that once the Chorus upgrade is complete, New Zealand will have an average download speed of around 230 Mbps, taking us from 23rd place to the top ten, ahead of UK, United States United and Australia. Chorus intends to encourage the Kiwis to measure their speed in February, to monitor progress, with the full potential of the upgrade being realized in April.

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, Chorus is committed to ensuring that Kiwis continue to reap the benefits.

“In 2011, at the start of UFB, 30 Mbps was considered high speed broadband. In 2015, when Netflix launched in New Zealand, high bandwidth increased to 100 Mbps. We recognize that now is the time to step up a gear to ensure New Zealanders can truly take advantage of the connectivity available to them, ”continued Rousselot.

In June, the average monthly fiber household data usage averaged 500 GB or half a terabyte, up from 436 GB the year before. The latest lockdown also saw unprecedented levels of data consumption on the network.

Sixty-six percent of kiwi households are connected to fiber, with an even higher figure in Auckland (76%). The demand for high capacity, reliable broadband continues to grow, with around 20 percent of fiber customers now switching to a gigabit connection.

Discussions with broadband retailers on how best to pass the plan’s speed increase to their customers are ongoing. Chorus hopes that most 100 Mbps fiber plan customers will be able to enjoy the improved performance by the end of the year.


For more information, please contact: Steve Pettigrew, Head of External Communications
m: +64 27 258 6257, e: [email protected]

Notes to editors

  • Global broadband speeds are measured by Ookla, a global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications (such as Speedtest and Downdetector) which offers the most comprehensive analysis of Internet performance and accessibility in the world.

  • The strong increase in Chorus fiber will increase broadband speeds for more than 550,000 homes and 50,000 businesses: download speeds for customers on Chorus’ wholesale 100 Mbps fiber services will triple to 300 Mbps and speeds downloads will be multiplied by five, from 20 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Businesses using Chorus’ 100/100 Mbps “Business Evolve” wholesale and 100/100 Mbps “Small Business Fiber” plans will upgrade to upload and download speeds of 300/300 Mbps and 500/500 Mbps respectively.


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