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Ciudad and Sparkle to Provide High Speed ​​Internet Connectivity in Nigeria

Sparkle, one of the world’s top five carriers, has been selected by Ciudad, one of Africa’s fastest growing telecommunications companies, to boost internet speeds and set the super experience record. blazing highest in Nigeria with 10 Gbps port connection.

Operating as OneData Nigeria, Ciudad is a fast-growing alternative internet service provider with around 300 subscribers and a market presence in six cities across Nigeria. By 2025, Ciudad plans to enter the top 10 broadband service providers in the country.

By connecting through Local Point of Presence (PoP) in Lagos with Seabone, Sparkle’s global IP transit backbone, the first international Tier 1 backbone in Africa, Ciudad benefits from low latency and access broadband to the global Internet.

Speaking on the deal, Kehinde Alphonso, Division Head, Wholesale and Enterprise of Ciudad Infrastructure Limited, said, “Our partnership with Sparkle allows us to get broadband access to global and regional content in the country. , and thus improve the browsing experience of our customers. and increase the current speed of 1 Gbit/s known in the country by 900%.

“The new partnership with the Sparkle Tier1 operator is a continuing positive signal for our customers and our communities. Through our years of experience as an Internet Service Provider, existing networks and capacity are expanded and consolidated, increased Internet speed and capacity is made available, and new homes are opened up.

“Our stated goal is to provide stable, high-speed Internet connectivity to Nigerian residential customers through our FTTH infrastructure and our enterprise customers to further expand our role as one of the leading broadband providers.”

For our customers, this means that they can count on very fast and stable fiber optic cable Internet and have access to Internet content at very competitive rates in the industry.

With a local presence in Lagos and a plan to expand coverage in Nigeria and the African continent, Sparkle is positioning itself as the go-to partner for Nigerian and African network providers, ISPs, OTTs, content providers and applications seeking low latency and high-performance connectivity.