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Classic Tech Internet Speed ​​Upgrade Up To 650% For Free


Prominent ISP Classic Tech improves its internet speed by up to 650%. This major upgrade will increase the broadband speed of existing users from 150 Mbps to 300 Mbps. The private Kathmandu-based ISP said this upgrade will be free.

The upgrade will be rolled out to existing subscribers at no additional cost. However, the broadband plan will require a 5 GHz dual-band router for optimal performance. For this, customers will need to contact their nearest branch to obtain the device.

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Classic Tech 650% upgrade follows 1 Gbps plan

Recently, Classic technology announced that it is preparing to launch a 1 Gbit / s fiber broadband plan. Upon arrival, this will be Nepal’s very first internet package to hit the 1 Gbps mark. Now the ISP has announced that its existing users will also get a major upgrade.

Known as TACHYON 1 Gbps, Classic Tech will lead the 1 Gbps broadband revolutions with new innovations. Along with the mega 1 Gbit / s plan, the company introduces the WiFi 6 and tri-band router to complement its world-class fiber internet package.

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The ISP has announced that it is in the final testing phase to launch the ultra-high bandwidth package. When the 1 Gbps Internet plan is rolled out, it will elevate Classic Tech’s position among ISPs with distinctive esteem.

WiFi 6 comes with Smart Connectivity, Beamforming and Mu-MIMO technologies. These improve bandwidth performance up to 9.6 Mbps, better signal coverage, better consistency and connections across multiple devices.

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Classic Tech serves 103 areas covering 74 districts in Nepal and will achieve a major breakthrough with its impending 1 Gbps Internet plan.

Are you excited to hear that Classic Tech has improved their fiber internet plan by 650%? Also share with us your take on the ongoing internet speed war between ISPs in Nepal?

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