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Clay County officials work with nonprofit to improve broadband availability


CLAY COUNTY (KFDX / KJTL) – Clay County is launching an initiative to bring more high-speed internet to the county.

Broadband fiber lines were being built, but a lack of fiber interrupted this process. While waiting for this process, county officials say it will give them a better understanding of where the internet is needed in Clay County and how to implement it.

Modern technology made the world in 2021, mostly online. And many rural counties like Clay County have some catching up to do to get to modern times.

“Well, we heard tonight that apparently getting fiber is a problem. I know we have several companies that want to install the fiber, but they can’t install it, which kind of delayed things for us, ”Clay County Judge Mike Campbell said.

The pandemic has exposed the fact that many homes in rural counties do not have high-speed internet access. That’s why Connected Nation, a nonprofit, has partnered with several counties in Texoma to conduct a study of the area and determine how best to bring broadband.

“One of the most important things is to work with communities across the state, primarily rural communities, to understand both their broadband supply and demand and to help them develop action plans. local community technology, ”Jennifer Harris, state program director for Connected Nation in Texas. noted.

The current plan for Clay County is to collect data from a county-wide survey through November, analyze the data to develop a plan, and then present that plan to the county.

While the assessment won’t solve all broadband issues, it will give Clay County the tools to find better options.

“On top of the hills and in some areas, they have good internet and connectivity, but not everyone. And that’s what we’re going to find out is who really has good connectivity and who doesn’t. Because until we know who doesn’t have it, we can’t get into those areas, ”Campbell said.

Work to bring broadband to rural areas and improve the quality of life in Clay County. Connected Nation plans to give Clay County its action plan in February.

To complete the evaluation survey, click here. For more information on Connected Nation, click here.


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