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Company developing its broadband service in Bamberg County | Government and Politics

Holcomb continued, “Once they complete the Hadwin Road area, they’re going to go back down and tie it down to what we’re going to call the Clear Pond area, where we’re looking to set up a cabinet or a hub there. to be the centralized location. Once the Phase 1 area is complete, they will descend and start in the Ehrhardt area in the southeastern part of the county.

PRTC has expanded its area of ​​operations through capital investments and currently serves more than 14,000 subscribers in nine counties across the state.

“We are now more than just a telephone company. We do a lot of things for managed businesses. We have partnered with Denmark Technical College and support them in all their IT efforts. … We have set up a complete wireless network for them, ”said Cook.

“We have partnered here with Bamberg County and have several ongoing projects with them. Soon we will have fiber optic services for the airport. This project will begin this week, ”Cook said.

He said the expanded service area was determined from census blocks “identified as being among the least served areas in the county.”

“So we hope that over time other parts of Bamberg County will be identified and that we can target them as well,” Cook said.

City Councilor Evert Comer Jr. asked if the service was affordable for some people and if assistance programs were available for it.

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