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Converge doubles data transmission capacity

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Converge ICT Solutions Inc. stated on Tuesday that it is expanding the capacity for data transmission of its backbone, as it prepares to implement “next-generation hyper-scalable capacity applications for their fiber-optic networks.”

Dennis Anthony H. Uy The CEO of the business Uy said that the company has increased the capacity of data transmission, going by a factor of 400 gigabits (Gbps) up to an 800 Gbps speed in the Philippines continues to roll out digital transformation efforts.

“Developments of cloud computing big data, big data, and virtual reality, and the increasing demand for streaming and remote storage technology are creating a huge demand for our data and network centers.We’d like to be able to meet the demands of our network as well as our customers, as well as be ready to accommodate any new technological advancements they could possess, “said Uy.Converge’s metro backbone links multiple networks and allows them to connect with each other and transfer traffic between them and within them.

Uy stated that, with the doubled capacity, Converge will be able to move “considerably” greater amounts of information into the data center, cut the time to reach them and facilitate high-speed data transfer for the latest technologies, like Smart Cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities.

In simple terms Simply, as the Converge CEO Jesus C. Romero explained that 800 million bits every second would let a user download a large amount of data and 20 high-definition films in just a few seconds.

“At simultaneously, this new technology lets us use less hardware to deliver our services. It also reduces the chance of congestion both in normal and outage conditions and also reduces the energy use and cost.”Romero said.

Converge has activated it’s first 400 Gbps metro backbone in the year 2000 offering it the “dynamic configurable, programmable connections that improves the flexibility and resilience of.”

Converge has seen its profits double at 1.55 billion pesos, up from 574 million pesos due to the increasing demand for internet connectivity at home during the first quarter.

The growth in net profit was supported by the law of Business Recovery as well as Tax Incentive Programs for Business, which lowered the company’s tax rate to 21 percent during the period under review.

The company’s earnings grew 83.6 percentage up to 5.55 billion pesos, up from 3.02 billion pesos due to its business and residential operations.

Converge is hoping to close the year with 1.6 millions to 1.7 million customers.

The company is planning to capture a significant portion of the largely untapped home broadband market in 2025.It is currently working on an infrastructure that will enable it to reach approximately 55% of all homes within the Philippines.

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