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Converge prepares for 800 Gbps data transmission capacity


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, July 6) – Converge ICT Solutions is preparing to double the data transmission capacity of its metropolitan backbone, she confirmed on Tuesday to the local stock exchange.

In its disclosure, the ISP said it was preparing to increase data transmission capacity from 400 gigabits per second to 800 Gbps as it anticipates the use of “new hyperscale capacity applications. generation on its fiber optic network ”.

The upgrade to the metro backbone, which connects multiple networks to each other, means “significantly” that more data will be transmitted through the data centers, Converge explained.

It also means “lowering latency and enabling the high-speed data transfers needed by next-generation technologies such as the Internet of Things and smart cities,” he added.

Jesus Romero, COO of Converge, said the development reduces the use of hardware to deliver services efficiently, limits possible congestion in normal or outage situations, and reduces power consumption and the costs.

“Just think of the capacity that 800 billion bits per second will give you. That’s enough to download the final season of Valorant and over 20 HD movies in a second,” he added.

“We want to meet the high capacity needs of our network and our customers, and be able to support any next generation technology they may have,” said Dennis Anthony Uy, CEO of Converge.

Converge’s fiber optic network covered more than 7 million homes, or 28% of the total number of homes in the Philippines at the end of March. He hopes to reach 55% of total households nationwide by 2025.

Converge shares closed at 22.75 on Tuesday, up 0.89% from Monday’s close.


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