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Cuckoo launches 1 Gbit / s broadband plan in the UK with a duration of 1 month


ISP Cuckoo now claims to have become one of the first UK ISPs to launch a fiber-to-premises based home broadband (FTTP) package based on the new “EquinoxWhich will allow them to offer a 1 Gbit / s (gigabit) tier for just £ 54.99 per month over a minimum contract term of one month.

So far, the provider, which launched a year ago, only offered one plan based on the slowest Fiber to the cabinet (FTTC / VDSL2) – via the 80 Mbps tier (20 Mbps download), which is touted as offering average download speeds of 67 Mbps over a monthly (continuous) period for £ 29.99 per month (plus a charge for one-time installation of £ 60, including rental of router and telephone line).

REMARK: Openreach’s FTTP network currently covers well over 5.2 million premises and aims to reach 25 million (around 80% of the UK) by December 2026.

The ISP also differentiates itself by taking 1% of every bill and using it to help expand internet connectivity in difficult places, such as conflict zones, natural disaster sites, and developing communities (customers can choose the project).

However, Cuckoo has now joined other ISPs in launching FTTP broadband packages based on the Openreach network. But as usual, they tried to differentiate themselves by adopting fairly competitive pricing and attaching a basic sliding monthly contract term, which is likely to be very attractive.

Alexander Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO of Cuckoo, said:

“The broadband is broken; Slow speeds. Complex offers. High prices. And bad service. At Coucou, we do the opposite. We now offer the fastest speeds and cheapest flexible prices in the UK. Feel free that broadband is here to stay.

As for the new packages, each comes with a one-time setup fee of £ 60 (like on FTTC) and customers will also receive either a Technicolor Router DWA0122 or DGA4134. The new range of packages is now as follows.

Cuckoo’s new FTTP broadband plans

Exceptional (1 Gbit / s)
800-840Mbps Avg. To download
c.100Mbps Avg. To download

PRICE: £ 54.99 per month

Really fast (115 Mbps)
95-104 Mbps average Download
30-49Mbps Avg. To download

PRICE: £ 39.99 per month

Fast (80 Mbps FTTC / P)
59-74Mbps Avg. To download
15-19 Mbps Avg. To download

PRICE: £ 29.99 per month

Going forward, we strongly suspect, based on previous clues, that Cuckoo may also make the jump to CityFibre’s growing national FTTP network. But if that happens, we understand that they will likely aim to maintain their current package structure and prices.


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