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Cuellar announces nearly $ 10 million for broadband connectivity to Zapata


Representative Henry Cuellar (TX-28) on Friday announced $ 10 million in federal funding for broadband connectivity in Zapata County.

The funding will support broadband access to more than 5,000 households, 20 farms, 15 businesses, 15 educational institutions and 10 community centers.

“Broadband broadband is essential to the growth and prosperity of a community, but many of our neighbors are unable to obtain reliable access. This federal investment will be used to improve Internet speeds for schools, homes and businesses, providing new opportunities for economic development to our communities, ”Cuellar said. “I will continue to fund programs that bridge the digital divide between urban and rural America, because when rural America thrives, all of America thrives.”

The funding, provided by the USDA ReConnect program, is divided into a $ 5 million grant and a $ 5 million loan.

Cuellar previously supported the USDA ReConnect program in the FY22 credit allocation process. The congressman got $ 800,000,000 for the ReConnect and Language program which supports distance learning and telemedicine and broadband grant programs. These programs help rural communities connect with the rest of the world and overcome health disparities that affect rural communities.


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