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Deplorable customer service. Unnecessary Internet Speed ​​- Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com


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Reviewer: Vic: Location: Croydon

Date: 2021-11-18

A complete scam. They gave me quality internet and it never gave up. And when I wanted to go out with them, they sent me a bill for 337 pounds. Not even gasoline, I won’t buy the shell again. They are thieves.

Reviser: Susan: Date: 2021-11-18

We only installed it a few days after being hassled by the staff at Curries informing me that I would get the same as sky for less than £. Absolute ********.
Avoid Shell broadband… forever on the phone with them to no avail and threatened with penalty for breach of contract… money well wasted. AVOID THEM LIKE A Plague.

Examiner: Betty Garland: Location: BARROW-IN-FURNESS: Date: 2021-11-18

Although the staff were helpful and considerate, the overall experience was appalling. The provider moved on November 5 but was not connected to broadband until the evening of the 10th. Since then, it has been uneven or nonexistent. I found it very stressful.

Examiner: Disgusted: Location: Yorkshire: Date: 2021-11-18

Avoid, avoid, avoid

Deplorable customer service. Unnecessary internet speed. I complained several times over the 12 months I was stuck with them. Prepaid so they owe me money, but they keep charging me weeks after I leave. Now they say I didn’t flip the router, which I sure did. They say they will add £ 35 to my final bill. What final invoice ?? Watch out for this scam.

Examiner: Julie Datta: Location: London: Date: 2021-11-17

By far the worst broadband service we have ever had. Terrible speeds, far lower than we’ve had for over a decade, we had to pay hefty penalties for early departure and then months after we left they sent debt collectors to us because we had forgot to make their router horribly ugly. Stay away from them … and its sister non-profit sites, shellenergy website.,, royaldutchshell website., johndonovan website., and
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