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Emergency Connectivity Fund Available Now for Nevada County Schools and Libraries


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Do you know any librarians, teachers or school administrators? They can benefit from funding from the Emergency Connectivity Fund program, which covers the reasonable costs of laptops and tablets; Wi-Fi access points; modems; routers; and purchases of broadband connectivity for off-campus use by students, faculty and library users.

The purpose of this fund is to help schools and libraries provide the tools and services their communities need for distance learning during the COVID-19 emergency. ECF will help relieve millions of students, school staff and library users and help bridge the homework gap for students who currently do not have the necessary internet access or the devices they have. need to connect to classrooms.

The deadline to apply is October 13. Apply here:

Broadband Emergency Benefit Fund Available Now for Low Income Families

The Federal Communications Commission launched the Emergency Broadband Benefit program to help low-income families connect to the Internet by subsidizing their Internet service. EBB is a temporary program that provides eligible households with up to $ 50 on their monthly internet bill during the pandemic. Some EBB providers also offer an additional benefit of up to $ 100 which can be used to purchase a connected device such as a laptop, desktop or tablet. Households interested in the EBB program can apply online at This program was established in 2021 to increase connectivity and access to a reliable internet during the COVID-19 pandemic. The EBB can be valid for 6 months or while funds are exhausted.

Do the speedtest on the SBC website

Broadband is a growing national, state and regional priority. More funding is coming soon to bridge the digital divide, but we need your help to find out where improvements are needed so that future funding can be deployed appropriately. Take the Gold Country Broadband Speed ​​Test today.

Source: Nevada County Relief Fund


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