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Eutelsat Communications: Responding to the Changing Demand for Business Connectivity

Moderated by the SAMENA Council, the panel of leading professionals from Coollink, Nortis Telecom and SatADSL shared their unique insights and experience on digital transformation and the essential role of connectivity in the process. In the webinar, they discuss the challenges of delivering tailor-made solutions to end users and show how flexible satellite connectivity meets new demand around the world.

A need for greater connectivity

Business connectivity demands are changing. In a post-covid world, new employee expectations, business environment challenges and government mandates are helping to make connectivity a top concern. As a connectivity provider, if you can’t deliver reliable, long-lasting connectivity to even the most remote areas, you’ll soon find that your customer base is shrinking and your margins are shrinking.

Satellite network-as-a-service solutions can offer connectivity providers a way to deliver new benefits to businesses. It can reliably reach remote areas, has the potential for value-added services, and helps organizations stay connected effectively and efficiently.

Eutelsat recently hosted an exclusive webinar on this topic. Moderated by the SAMENA Council, cutting-edge panelists from Coollink, Nortis Telecom and SatADSL discussed how Satellite Network as a Service is helping more businesses achieve connectivity.

If you would like to watch the webinar, you can do so here. This blog will serve as a summary of four key insights that were revealed in each individual’s webinar, serving as a small taste of what viewers can expect in the full webinar.

Subjects discussed :

  • Market trends and customer experiences

  • How satellite delivers extended coverage and fully managed services, no matter how far your operations are

  • Dynamic service plans that grow with your needs

  • Flexible solutions for various end user applications

  • And how the connectivity industry should adapt for more revenue opportunities.

Conscious Connectivity is Key to Digital Transformation

As businesses increasingly rely on digital means to communicate and conduct business, the importance of connectivity increases. However, ensuring that your customers can benefit from your transformation is even more important than securing connectivity in the first place. Nadim Chidiac, COO of Coollink explained that in Nigeria there are only around 12,000 fixed connections compared to 78 million broadband subscribers. This means that only 0.01% of users have access to wired connections, while the rest rely on mobile devices for connectivity.

Using the right connectivity solution for your specific market is key to succeeding in the modern marketplace. Satellite connectivity fills this gap, being widely accessible both financially and logistically.

“Connectivity is a major barrier to digital transformation, but the lack of infrastructure should not be ignored. You should always think about how you can connect your users to your solutions. How they access applications, the quality of this experience and the amount of investment required to achieve it – has become the biggest barrier to digital transformation today.” – Nadim Chidiac, COO of Coollink

Value-added services enable unique differentiators

Differentiating yourself from the competition is essential to obtain and retain more customers. However, developing your own differentiators can be a long and complicated process, especially if you don’t have the technology or expertise to do so. With a satellite network experience as a service, this is no longer an insurmountable challenge. More and more connectivity providers are turning to these services to help companies transform in ways that make sense for their industry and business strategy.

On the supplier side, the value-added services available allow them to be more flexible with their offer and adapt it to their current and target customers. This helps vendors specialize and differentiate by providing a more personalized experience for their customers.

“We can offer our customers more value for very little commitment or investment. Value-added services help us give more to our customers and tailor our services to their needs at a very good price.” – Michel Dothey, COO of SatADSL

Satellite is at the forefront of modern connectivity solutions

Satellite connectivity solutions remain one of the best choices for businesses and end users around the world. Due to various investments and technological advances in recent years, satellite should not be considered a technology of the past but rather a developing solution with a reliable track record.

The benefits of using the most recent development, Satellite Network-as-a-Service, include increased flexibility to meet changing market demands, extensive coverage with minimal owner risk, and access to technology advanced and in development without end-user investment. The latest satellite offerings have made it a simple technology that any company of any size can access, rather than a complex technology reserved for the elite.

“Starting a new business always involves new challenges. Connectivity is one of the newest and most difficult challenges. Today, however, VSAT solutions offer wide coverage and rapid deployment, meeting the challenge of connectivity for businesses of all sizes. VSAT is the best option for establishing connectivity in new markets.” – Kamal Ammor, Commercial Director of Nortis Telecom

Satellite technology is more affordable, faster, flexible and easier

Satellite Network-as-a-Service helps businesses of all sizes leverage the power and reach of satellites without the large upfront investment historically associated with the solution. A common theme throughout the webinar was the difference such a system makes for businesses around the world.

Every panelist mentioned that satellite technology is becoming more affordable, faster, flexible and easier to implement than ever before. With services such as Eutelsat ADVANCE, satellite now offers minimal risk and investment from end users and businesses.

“The days of huge satellite dishes are long gone. The days of low bandwidth and kb/ps for thousands of dollars are over. We are now talking about 100 mb/ps speeds for as little as $12 per month with a much faster solution. With this accessibility, any business can access the benefits of transformation, regardless of their infrastructure.” – Nadim Chidiac, COO of Coollink

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Digital transformation is essential for businesses that want to stay relevant and profitable. Failing to transform usually results in businesses slowly losing customers until they are no longer viable, while early transformation offers plenty of opportunities for growth. At Eutelsat, we understand the impact of good connectivity on successful digital transformation – but also that digital transformation is a difficult and time-consuming process.

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