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Excitel CEO talks about new trends in FTTH broadband post-pandemic

People started recognizing the benefits of using fiber broadband connections once the pandemic hit, as it allows people to work from home, study from home, and do almost everything online with a greater reliability than mobile networks. It is true that the pandemic has significantly changed the way businesses operate. People can watch Netflix, play online games and do a lot more with fiber broadband. Let’s see what Excitel CEO Vivek Raina had to say about it.

New trends after the pandemic according to the CEO of Excitel

According to Vikek Raina, CEO and co-founder of Excitel, “The pandemic has dramatically changed the course of business. It is not just about the increase in sales that we have achieved with the pandemic. really happened is that before the pandemic every wired broadband sale was a concept sale. You have to go to the customer and make them understand why wired? Why is it better than mobile broadband? Why is it I can’t do things with my mobile broadband Why do I need to have a wire inside my house and mess up my house and so on So every sale happens you have to make the customer understand why. But after COVID or in the time of COVID, they realized that without wired broadband they can’t do what they’re supposed to do. Their job is to say work from home, study from home, OTT, binge-watching OTT and videoconferencing, it cannot be done simultaneously by mobile broadband. Mobile broadband is great when you’re on the go, but inside the house, for home use, you need true wired broadband. Obviously, the COVID gives us a boost. And more than the boost, it has made it clear to the general Indian masses and the general public that wired broadband is a basic public service.

“As you have gas, electricity, water, you must have a cable broadband connection and preferably private wide connection to your household. And yes, obviously post-covid, the boost did not stay there, but this know-how that customers gained from it still remains there. So obviously we don’t have the same numbers as COVID. Productivity levels for our employees or vendors aren’t the same, but they don’t date back to pre-COVID days either. So there is still some effect, and that effect is mainly because customers are more educated, they understand why the wireframe and what the main wireframe is and that’s one thing. And at the same time, as you rightly said, we went to several cities, we expanded. In the middle, we also raised another round of funding of around Rs 100 crore and we are rolling that money out right now. We have opened Bombay, we have reinvigorated southern operations and we are still looking for several cities in the north. Almost every city in UT is now covered. All major cities in UT are covered. So all of this maintaining perspective has been a positive thing for us in terms of the knowledge or education that the broadband customer has gotten on the use and effectiveness of wired broadband.”