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Extreme Networks and Wireless Broadband Alliance Offer Open Roaming Connectivity


Extreme Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: EXTR), a cloud-based networking company, today announced that it has successfully implemented support for Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) OpenRoaming â„¢ at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV) in Portugal. OpenRoaming allows students, teachers and other users of the IPV campus to connect to a high-speed, secure, carrier-grade Wi-Fi 6 network anywhere, indoors or outdoors, without experience disruption to their wireless network connection. IPV is the first organization in Portugal to participate in WBA OpenRoaming.

Extreme is a leader in the operator’s offloading offer for 4G and 5G networks. In February 2020, the company partnered with Verizon to create “smart stadium” technology at SuperBowl LIV in Miami. Verizon’s wireless network was linked to ExtremeWireless â„¢ Wi-Fi access points and ExtremeAnalytics â„¢ software and provided seamless connectivity and authentication to fans in and around the stadium. Extreme currently offers RADSec and operator offloading with all major wireless carriers in the United States

WBA OpenRoaming enables seamless handoff from any number of cellular networks to Wi-Fi, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for users, just like smartphones instantly connect to various telecommunications networks. Extreme worked with Aptilo Networks to bring OpenRoaming to the IPV campus alongside a Wi-Fi 6 network deployment. Now students, staff and visitors can connect to the IPV campus network without requiring manual authentication. . This translates to better user experiences and reduced workload for IPV’s IT team, which previously had to manually allow every user on the network outside of Viseu to access Wi-Fi on campus.

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Key Benefits:

  • Simplified connectivity for users and reduced IT requirements: Previously, European regulations required IPV’s IT team to manually add and remove network users, including staff and students, making it difficult to access Wi-Fi on campus. With OpenRoaming, students and staff at IPV campuses can easily connect to the wireless network without losing account settings or history, and the IT team can focus on improving the use of technology on the IPV campus.
  • Improving student outcomes and opportunities: OpenRoaming simplifies IPV’s ability to expand programming and bring new events to campus, without the IT team having to set up secure network access every time. They can provide different levels of service for different users and events depending on specific needs. IPV’s student base can now access resources through the same user account on all of their devices on the IPV campus without paying for a broadband connection or creating a new account
  • Increased wireless network security: IPV and similar organizations can benefit from the freedom of OpenRoaming without exposing themselves to potential security risks or failing to comply with local regulations. OpenRoaming leverages existing security protocols such as Passpoint, RADSec, and 802.1x and 802.11i standards to ensure network security without compromising user privacy. It pairs Wi-Fi network providers with identity providers, such as mobile operators and ISPs, which register authenticated users and allow them to automatically connect to any participating wireless network.

Executive Perspectives:

Tiago Rodrigues, CEO, Wireless Broadband Alliance

“OpenRoaming is essential for providing seamless and secure access to Wi-Fi, which is a necessity for modern higher education institutions like IPV looking to provide students with the best possible resources for learning. WBA members like Extreme help provide reliable broadband connectivity around the world and we are proud to support them as our world becomes increasingly dependent on wireless networks.

Luís Almeida, Senior Network Administrator, Instituto Politécnico de Viseu

“IPV is incredibly happy to be a part of WBA OpenRoaming. This implementation will improve the user experience for everyone who accesses Wi-Fi on our campus – students, teachers, employees, visitors and participants in the various national and international conferences that we organize – not to mention the reduction of stress for our IT team in network management. . Our experience with Extreme throughout this project has been wonderful, and we hope to be an example of what OpenRoaming can achieve for other institutions and communities across Europe as the project continues to grow.

Nabil Bukhari, Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Extreme Networks

“Open roaming between 5G and Wi-Fi networks is essential to enable next-generation consumer experiences and the infinite enterprise. Seamless and secure connectivity inside and outside buildings makes things like smart cities and working and learning from anywhere possible. Extreme is proud to be part of the WBA consortium of industry leaders working to make connectivity more transparent and accessible, and we are confident this will have a positive impact for everyone on the IPV campus.

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