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Farm Bureau Internet Speed ​​Test Encouraged | Sun News


ALBION – Noble County leads the state for participation in the Indiana Speed ​​Test and officials want this momentum to continue to help strengthen the case for funding broadband expansion and deployment locally, according to Noble County Economic Development Corp.

Those who live and work in rural Noble County have been encouraged in recent weeks, through various communication channels, to participate in the Indiana Speed ​​Test, a participatory internet speed test created through a partnership. formed by the Indiana Farm Bureau. The test is an interactive survey designed to provide a consistent statistical analysis of services across geographic areas. The test takes less than a minute and no personal information is collected.

As of September 1, more than 1,040 locations in Noble County had recorded internet speed tests, the highest number of locations recorded in a single Indiana county to date. The data collected by the tests, local developers hope, will help Noble County plan and request resources for the expansion and deployment of broadband to thousands of addresses in rural parts of the county.

Noble REMC, Ligtel Communications and Noble County Economic Development Corp. joined the Indiana Farm Bureau in their efforts to spread the word locally and encourage people living and working in rural areas to participate. Even though the response rate has been high so far, the more speed tests recorded, the better.

The polls “are critical for this to happen in Noble County,” Ron Raypole, CEO of Noble REMC, said of efforts to expand the fiber-optic broadband network in a recent KPC Media newspaper article. .

Costs to expand fiber optic networks in rural Noble County range from $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 per mile. Routing fiber below ground is more expensive than connecting to utility poles above ground. Noble County leaders are working together to reduce these costs by working together. A key step in qualifying for a critical grant, they say, is proving that an address is not already able to enjoy high-quality broadband service, measured as a minimum of 25 megabits per second for download and 3 Mbps for download.

The Indiana Speed ​​Test can be performed anywhere, multiple times, on any device that has an Internet connection. People are encouraged to perform the tests while connected to the main source of Internet service currently in use in the household or business.


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