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Fast and secure data transmission with PVC cards


When you consider the number of industries that use smart technology, it might make your head spin. However, the global environment is moving towards simplification. Whether it is in the transportation, education, leisure and entertainment industry or a business organization, the key feature is to provide consumers with a convenient way to go about their daily tasks.

Of the many different solutions, different industries find that these work best to achieve this goal, one of the most beneficial has been smart card technology. A good example is the Milfare DESFire and we take a look at the concept of the smart card, including this concept below, so that you can take advantage of its multiple uses as well.

PVC Cards

PVC cards are also one of the many ways to harness smart card technology, including some of the fastest data transfer technologies on the market. Some of these types of cards can contain up to 32 individual files per application depending on the information needed and the concept levels can be customized to suit individual needs and user specifications.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a plastic material from which most identity cards are made. They are the ideal material because they are durable and durable and can withstand high temperatures, for example when rolling, and can bend and be easily shaped during the manufacturing time. The Milfare DESFire card is an example of a card that uses this hardware.

What is a Milfare DESFire card?

Combining multiple applications on a single contactless card has become the norm in many organizations. The global trend is for a simple yet effective solution that eliminates the complexity of tasks by finding new and improved technologies that combine efficiency, security and simplicity.

One of these innovations was the Milfare DESFire board as an ideal solution to combine multiple applications. Based on the different memory sizes of these cards, they can hold as much data as needed for efficient functionality.

Such cards have multiple advantages for their users. As a contactless ticketing type solution, but also used on vending machines, as loyalty cards as well as for access management. These have a neat design and combine both reliability and safety.

With these, it’s all about efficiency, speed and performance, not to mention that they are cost effective. Their seamless integration across multiple devices enables a much smarter paperless solution across industries. For example, places that need printed tickets can benefit from using these reusable cards, as can key chains which are also a similar type of technology.

Structured around a chip inside the cards also known as a “Smartcard”, When using them, there is no need to manually add information to a database, as all the required information is usually already stored inside the chip.


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