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Florida drops to 10th in the nation in internet speed

Nationwide internet speeds are increasing, but in Florida internet speeds are really ascend. The Sunshine State ranked 10th in the nation in 2022, up from 16th in the nation in 2021, when Florida even trailed mostly rural Nevada and telecom-struggling mountainous states like Colorado and Washington. But with the demand for video conferencing, live video, and bandwidth-intensive entertainment, Internet service providers have responded by adding capacity for consumers.

Over the past year, Florida has overtaken even highly connected East Coast powers like New Hampshire and New York. For comparison, in 2021, Florida’s peak internet speed was 102 megabits per second (Mbps), barely exceeding the national average that year of 3 Mbps. But in 2022, nearly every state has raised the bar, pushing the national average just a hair above 119 Mbps. At the same time, however, Florida ISPs have found ways to increase average speeds to 127.8Mps, easily outpacing nationwide improvements and six states that have made only marginal speed gains.

Delaware is the current reigning internet speed champion, with an impressive 145.8 Mps, an increase of 26.7 Mps from the previous year. On the low end, West Virginia and Montana still register about half that of Florida, both below 65 Mbps.

Internet speed and data access is an important measure of economic infrastructure and business environment, which takes into account a wide range of other rankings for business, education and economic output general.