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Florida PSC Receives Update on Rural Broadband Deployment

TALAHASSEE — Reliable access to Internet service has become essential for rural households that receive health care or education services online. Today, the Public Service Commission (PSC) explained how Florida’s broadband providers are rapidly scaling up to connect households that need internet access for school, business and other pursuits. .

“Expanding high-speed Internet service to Floridians who don’t have access to it will generate economic gains for Florida and help us be first among the states best positioned to close the digital divide.” said PSC Chairman Andrew Giles Fay. “Florida must continue to rely on a wide range of services to meet the growing demand for fast and reliable Internet access.”

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 14and The Broadband Deployment Report (January 2021) estimates that there are 14.5 million Americans without broadband access. About 804,000, or 18% of the FCC’s estimate, live in Florida.

The Commission has also looked at ways to increase rural broadband services provided through private investment and broadband alternatives such as satellite internet services. While there are many reasons why access to reliable high-speed Internet is difficult, cost is the most common.

The FCC is responsible for several broadband deployment and subsidy programs and recently allocated approximately $192 million to internet service providers to help close Florida’s broadband connectivity gap under the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. (RDOF).

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