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Flying mobile towers could increase broadband penetration in India


Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) can become flying mobile towers to bring wireless telephony, internet access and mobility to people who live in the remote, remote and difficult terrain of India.

Bengaluru start-up VFLYX India, the drone tech arm of the e-com platform for electronic / tech gadgets, XBOOM Utilities, is currently doing R&D to introduce such drones. A proof of concept should be ready in a year, according to the company.

A swarm of long-flying drones, powered by solar, electric, gasoline or hybrid motors, are to be used to create a mobile tower environment (they become both receivers and repeaters) to ensure internet and mobile access. transparent to people without connection. areas, said Rohit Dey, CTO, UAV / Drones at VFLYX.

The startup was currently working on swarm drone technology (which allows drones to fly much like a flock of birds) to deploy a variety of applications ranging from mobile tower infrastructure to aerial entertainment. , including fireworks, light shows and laser displays; aerial advertisements, brand campaigns, product launches, messages from the sky, disaster warnings or public announcements (from governments and local bodies), holiday greetings, wedding / birthday wishes, etc., said Mr Dey, a youngster. NASA scientist in 2015 and a Hall of Famer for his research on drone technology.

According to Vishal Saurav, CEO and co-founder of VFLYX, drones have the potential to become air towers that are quick to set up, cost effective, easily movable and also ideal for disaster management when networks are completely disrupted.

“Drone technology will take off considerably because our country now has a favorable environment. This gives entrepreneurs the confidence to invest in R&D and innovation. Drones will be like flying robots and AI, ML and Edge Computing will make them intelligent and autonomous, ”Saurav said.


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