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Flying mobile towers to increase broadband Internet connectivity?


To extend Internet use in remote areas, a start-up is proposing to install flying mobile towers. VFLYX, a Bangalore-based start-up, is a subsidiary of X-BoomUtilites, an electronics manufacturer. Drones for this purpose are being developed by the company’s research and development section. These drones can be built to run on solar power, battery power, or gasoline. The mobile tower will be able to perform tasks thanks to the functionality of the hybrid engine.

According to Rohit Dev, the company’s chief technology officer (CEO), such flying drones could improve internet access in hilly places and areas without communications infrastructure. The company is actively working on drones using Swarm drone technology. It would be like watching birds. It can be used for things like setting up flying mobile phone towers, laser art exhibits, aviation advertising, item promotion, and disaster alerts.

They can also be used for holiday, wedding, and birthday wishes, according to Dev. In 2015, he received the nasa Young Scientist Award for his drone research. Company CEO Vishal Saurav said erecting such flying towers is straightforward. It would be cost effective and built to be quickly moved to where it was needed, he added. In the event of a disaster, he noted, coordination would be extremely beneficial.


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