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Free access in data transmission is a barrier to 2nd reading


MANILA – The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved at second reading a measure promoting free access to data transmission through a rapid and efficient process and the promotion of fair and open competition.

The chamber passed the Voice Vote House Bill 8910, or the Open Access in Data Transmission Bill, which aims to establish a strong and independent regulatory system and body to ensure fair competition in the industry. data transmission.

The bill will require interconnection between participants in data transmission in order to avoid the domination of a single actor or a group of data providers.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is mandated to maximize the use of radio spectrum resources in the allocation and allocation of these limited resources in data transmission by ensuring that the spectrum is made available to all registered participants of the data transmission industry.

NTC will also be mandated to require all participants in the data transmission industry and public telecommunications entities (PTEs) providing data transmission services, to comply with prescribed performance standards and impose penalties for non-compliance with these performance standards.

It ensures fair competition by requiring that at a given level there should be at least two significant suppliers.

It proposes to impose a fine of PHP 300,000 to PHP 5 million for each day of violation, in accordance with prescribed performance standards, on any participant in the data transmission industry who does not substantially comply with the requirement. minimum service.

In addition, if the said entity does not comply with the prescribed performance standards for three consecutive years, it will be removed, subject to due process, from the register of registered participants in the data transmission industry and will be barred. to provide data transmission services.

It prohibits refusal to plug in and play, paid prioritization, limitation and vertical ownership. (ANP)


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