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Full fiber optic connectivity can bring learning to life


The growth of the Internet has brought with it endless opportunities to learn new things; Whether for work, school or a hobby, the online world means there is an endless amount of information at your fingertips. It has changed the way we learn, and new technologies such as personalization, virtual reality and artificial intelligence mean that education is evolving into a whole new experience.

The key to being able to access these new learning opportunities is connectivity. Access to fast, reliable, high-capacity internet service is vital here – especially when it comes to data-hungry new learning tools – and a full fiber connection, which is 100 times faster than most current UK broadband services are the best technology. For the job.

That’s why CityFibre is investing to bring its fiber optic network, which is the fastest and most reliable network technology available, to virtually every home and business here in the UK. This new all-fiber network will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of online learning, from ease of access and controllable pacing to the ability to choose from a wider range of options to suit your own style. learning and ambition.

Immersive technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), for example, are already transforming education, making learning a whole new experience. There are countless examples of the use of this technology, including The Unimersive, an app that uses virtual reality to help people learn a new language, and the Gibson app that uses AR to help people learn language. guitar.

Everyone learns in different ways; some need to read the information, while others need to see it illustrated. So how do you provide a learning experience that is right for everyone? Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it possible to develop training programs that are fully personalized for each person.

Likewise, adaptive learning platforms are used to meet the needs of each learner, ensuring that they can understand information, learn at their own pace, and repeat any sections that they do not understand. Prodigy Math is just one example of this, the game, which teaches math, uses an algorithm to tailor learning to the style and level of the student.

Another advantage of AI-based technology is that it is largely online-based, which means you can access learning 24/7. And, with fast and reliable connectivity, such as the services made possible by CityFibre’s all-fiber network here in the UK, great online experiences are available to everyone, regardless of data consumption.

This is just a glimpse of how the way we learn has changed and the huge opportunities that exist to develop new skills and experience new things. CityFibre is committed to leaving a legacy of good digital skills in our communities. To that end, we worked with local community groups as part of this year’s #GetOnlineWeek starting October 18. We have organized a range of free events that will take place as part of the campaign to help everyone be better prepared for an online world.

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