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Get Connected Launches In Tipperary To Boost Community Connectivity And End Coverage Black Spots


A new initiative was launched today to improve connectivity for communities in Tipperary who suffer from poor mobile phone coverage.

Get Connected is looking to improve mobile coverage in areas that need it most, asking the community to come together and demand a review of their services.

Get Connected is supported by Cellnex, the telecommunications infrastructure operator with more than 1,700 telecommunications sites across the country. The program has already been successfully launched in adjacent counties including Waterford, Cork and Laois, and is now expanding to Tipperary. The intention is to expand Get Connected to a national project supporting communities in all 26 counties and ending the scourge of mobile blackheads.

Cellnex is already tracking submissions from over 50 local communities across Ireland following our first launch in May. Cellnex is actively progressing at 22 sites with this engagement and hopes to see a similar level of interest from the communities of Tipperary.

The goal of Get Connected is to mobilize support within communities to participate in the planning and delivery of mobile connectivity in their local areas. Get Connected is officially launching a ‘community call’ through its website which invites communities to come together to request a review of mobile coverage in their local area to see if a solution to their mobile connectivity issue can be found. be brought.

To initiate a review, which will be carried out by Cellnex at no cost to residents, communities should seek to mobilize a group of people who have a common interest in obtaining better coverage, and then appoint a single point of contact to make a submission to Be. connected. Cellnex will then conduct a detailed investigation to assess the suitability of the area and work to provide a workable solution.

Recent research from ComReg shows that three in four people (73%) highly value being able to access and use their cell phones during the current Covid-191 pandemic. Research also shows that one in four households2 (27%) find mobile broadband not good enough for working from home at a time when making sure households have never been more important. are as well connected as possible.

Cellnex Ireland Managing Director Colin Cunningham said:

“Get Connected is a real opportunity for the people of Tipperary to have a say in what their future looks like and to come together to support better connectivity for their region. We have already been approached by communities across the country who have seen the successful launch of the program in other countries and want to participate, and from today it will be possible in Tipperary.

Cellnex gives the communities a firm promise that we will work with them to try to ensure that they get the infrastructure they need. I hope local communities will take this opportunity to seek improved service and work with us to come up with solutions for their areas to end the problem of blanket black spots. Whether you’re more likely to answer the phone at stud farms near Fethard, stroll along the banks of the River Suir, or tackle Keeper Hill, Get Connected is all about helping you stay in touch.

Tipperary County Council broadband manager Simon Howe said:

“Tipperary is a vibrant place where people can live, visit and work in a competitive and resilient economy, a sustainable environment and an inclusive and active community. There is a need to use digital technology to drive economic development and prosperity in all of our urban and rural areas in which we operate and to take advantage of the rapidly growing digital economy. At the heart of this is the importance of connectivity and the requirement for excellent mobile and broadband coverage.

Unfortunately, not all areas of Tipperary have proper connectivity. Get Connected and Cellnex allow local communities to come together to identify solutions to improve their rural connectivity ”.

Since its launch in 2013, Cellnex has invested 1.5 million euros in the delivery of 10 new telecommunications sites throughout Tipperary.