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Globe Business maintains operational efficiency and connectivity for software developers


Digital transformation has never been more necessary for everyday life than it is today. Since the pandemic struck, businesses have continued to migrate to online platforms, highlighting the ever-growing need for automated information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. For businesses to be successful in today’s environment, they must invest in ICTs that will improve communication, privacy and security, as well as overall connectivity.

Software developers, in particular, face new challenges, the most pressing of which is the growing demand for the products they create. Globe Business addresses this challenge by designing tailored solutions that make workflow not only more efficient but also more secure for developers and users who access the programs they create.

Globe improves connectivity and business connections

As the pandemic has only accelerated the speed at which organizations adopt new technologies, the shortcomings of traditional internet connections have come to the fore. Globe Business addresses these concerns with direct, secure connections for busy offices.

“Dedicated connectivity or direct Internet is a game-changer for growing businesses. Whether you are in tech, healthcare, education, retail, finance, etc. connectivity is truly a necessity now. Especially for technology companies and software developers who use and develop their own platforms and systems, having dedicated bandwidth is a major business need ”, explains Nikki Ebrada, Head of Marketing at Infocomm from Globe Business MSME Group, at the “Reducing Latency For SaaS Through Connectivity and Automation” conference at 2021: RESURGENCE Online attended by leaders and innovators from the development industry. software.

Direct Internet eliminates the latency typically found in wired broadband connections. Instead of sharing a pipe with other businesses accessing information online, Direct Internet gives a team their own dedicated Internet connection that allows users to make full use of subscribed bandwidth.

Direct Internet relieves the problems faced by software developers with insufficient connections, from the inability to transfer large volumes of data to the simultaneous presence of several users on the Internet.

Along with reliable and dedicated connectivity, software developers also need efficient and automated methods of meeting business needs as employees continue to work from home. Application programming interfaces, or APIs, allow them to keep businesses connected to both employees and consumers, hassle-free.

These are just a few of Globe Labs’ pay-as-you-go APIs that developers can use to streamline business interactions.

Globe Labs Business Development Director Diego Garcia spoke about business problems solved by automation through Globe Labs APIs at “Electricity has forever changed the way businesses operate, and the connectivity is today’s electricity. If employees in a remote working environment need connectivity wherever they are, how do you provide that? How do we enable businesses to meet the needs of their employees and customers? “

Load Up is an application of Globe Labs APIs, a platform that enables businesses to pay Globe / TM Load to thousands of recipients. Globe also facilitates communication by using its own interactive voice engagement solution (IVES) and M360 to deliver information and surveys to customers and perform wellness checks and make announcements to teams.

Improve data confidentiality with ADPRIMAS

Globe understands that an organization is never truly secure unless everyone in the organization has a good understanding of data privacy. That’s why Globe Business offers ADPRIMAS, or Automated Data Privacy Management Solution, which educates employees on the principles of data privacy through reports and training materials.

“He assesses the skill level of everyone, from the management to the security guard, because there has to be a meeting of minds between the technicians and the guys who are going to use it. You can talk about different aspects regarding privacy. You have to be on the same page and have the same understanding, ”Founding President Titus Manuel of the National Association of Data Protection Officers of the Philippines explained at 2021.

ADPRIMAS supports the data protection team and the human resources department by providing them with timely information and assistance. The data provided allows the team and the department to address areas for improving compliance and privacy management. This is made possible through summary reports of evaluation results and an eLearning course marketplace (assisted by a consultant / instructor). They are essential for the necessary upgrade of confidentiality skills for every employee of the institution.

Globe Business also has resources to support its partners in using Globe Business ICT solutions, firstly through their training as a service (TRaaS) offer. The group also has the Globe Business Academy which gives users access to business tools, hacks and expert advice; and, finally, an exclusive program called Upstart, which rewards MSMEs with exclusive perks and perks.

When strong connectivity, automation tools, sufficient knowledge of data privacy, and access to knowledge and training work hand in hand, businesses are best positioned to thrive in a context of change. rapid evolution. Globe Business provides all of this for software developers to help organizations go digital.

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