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How CityFibre’s gigabit-enabled broadband network will transform lives in Cambridge


We may be a nation suffering from Zoom Fatigue, but if the past few months have shown us anything, it’s how important digital connectivity is.

Broadband is the fourth public service

Throughout the lockdown, internet access allowed many of us to continue working. However, the slow and unreliable internet has made using apps like Skype and Zoom a frustrating experience. This is something you can feel across the UK, where only 15% of locals have access to fiber-optic internet, considered the gold standard.

As the UK’s third national digital infrastructure platform, CityFibre is working on a solution – by building revolutionary networks in regions such as Cambridge.

Fuel our ambitions

When you hear about fiber from vendors, it often actually means connections that are just part of the fiber. These typically include copper wiring for the last stretch to your house, a major factor in connection delay and loss.

Full fiber is different, using fiber connections for the entire length of the path. This enables Gigabit-compatible “lightning-fast” services and superior reliability.

With the UK’s average broadband speed of just 22.37 Mbps compared to 55.18 Mbps in Sweden, the top ranked country in Europe, there is clearly work to be done.

The Difference Whole Fiber Can Make

Activate home learning with a CityFibre connection
Activate home learning with a CityFibre connection

When it comes to business, many businesses struggle with data-heavy tasks and server strain, which means employees are tapping their fingers while waiting for a file to download. Solid fiber eliminates this problem.

Beyond increased productivity, full fiber connectivity gives employees the ability to work from home without worrying about their connection, providing vital flexibility and assurance.

You may have also heard of smart cities. With integral fiber, Cambridge can implement its own vision of the smart city. There are plenty of examples around the world, from digital technology making parking problems a thing of the past in South Korea’s largest city, to smart waste management trucks on New York’s roads – and the work here will be motivated by the specific needs of the city. One thing we do know is that it will be fed full fiber.

Adding value to Cambridge

Whole fiber can benefit the whole family
Whole fiber can benefit the whole family

There will also be a real economic boost over the next 15 years, according to a study we commissioned with Regeneris.

Access to fiber optics could unlock £ 59m in productivity and innovation for businesses, an additional £ 23m could come from start-ups and Smart City initiatives could add up to £ 59m sterling.

The future is not as far as you might think. Together with our contractor, Granemore, we have been building in Cambridge since 2019 and many residents and businesses are already using their fiber optic connection to good effect.

In a time of uncertainty, one thing we know for sure is that connection has never been more valuable – and with full fiber, we can ensure Cambridge has the connectivity it needs to get out of this tough time. in a stronger position than ever.

To learn more about CityFibre and our work in Cambridge, and to express your interest in the services, visit


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