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How Internet Speed ​​Affects Overall Gaming Experience

So what does it really take for a good and stable internet connection to have a good gaming experience?

Bad internet means bad experience

Poor internet connection leads to many problems for players. Obviously, there will be a slowdown in the speed of the game. It loads and it becomes difficult to achieve the desired measures. A poor internet connection also leads to a delay in clicking various buttons on the mobile phone or computer keyboard. Thus, the actions you click on will not be executed until long after you have pressed the buttons. When playing games with an integrated chat room, voice may be delayed and messages will not be available to your teammates until it is too late. Annoying inconvenience may also occur when, we “experience a slow connection”, we play nieuwe online casino in Belgium.

A poor internet connection just creates a bad gaming experience. It creates unnecessary frustration as players cannot do what they want during the game. This therefore leads players to lose a round in the worst case.

What distinguishes a good gaming experience?

In other words, a number of factors come into play when it comes to poor gaming experience caused by poor internet connection. But what then distinguishes a good gaming experience? What distinguishes a good gaming experience depends a bit on the device you’re playing on; but in general, the best gaming experience is usually always based on a stable internet.

To many people’s surprise, online gaming does not require the best and fastest broadband internet connection. At least not if you compare it with, say, a movie. Indeed, the image of a game is reproduced using the graphics card of the computer or the game console. But you should always have a download speed of at least 3 Mbps. Since the games are interactive, the download speed must also be taken into account. Again, the download speed should also be relatively slow, around 1-2 Mbps.

Another thing to watch out for when it comes to online gaming is latency/ping. This is measured in milliseconds and if you have more than 150ms it can cause delays in playback. The latency of its connection should ideally be as low as possible, where a latency of less than 20 ms is perfect.

As long as your internet connection meets these requirements (which most internet connections do), you can play online. However, if you want a more consistent gaming experience, we recommend a slightly better connection. Especially if you play at a professional level!

If you’ve made sure you have an internet connection that meets our requirements, but you’re still experiencing lag while playing, we recommend upgrading your internet connection. If you are bothered by stuttering when gaming, of course.

Restart and update

First, you need to restart your router and modem. This can make a big difference in the gaming experience. Since very small differences in latency can make a big difference in the lag you experience, it’s worth starting with this step. If that doesn’t help, we recommend updating your drivers. The more regularly you update your drivers, the more your gaming experience is guaranteed.

Check the number of connections

If there are still lags while playing, you need to check whether someone else is using the same internet connection as you or not. If someone’s siblings are sitting and streaming a movie on the side or something, that could be the reason. There is a maximum power that the internet connection can handle, so you should consider waiting for the movie to finish before you start playing.

Broadband/Mobile Browsing Update

Poor gaming experience can also be caused by generally poor internet connection. If you’re having trouble despite everything we’ve listed above, it might be worth considering upgrading your current broadband and/or mobile browsing.

After all, internet connection is positively correlated with gaming experience. We hope this article has provided you with some useful information.