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How to get your internet speed on PC and mobile


This tutorial covers how to get your internet speed on PC and mobile. We will do our best to make sure you understand this guide. I hope you will like this blog How to get your internet speed on PC and mobile. If your answer is yes, please share after reading this.

Check out how to get your internet speed on PC and mobile

Every time you sign up for an internet connection at home, you have to pay the amount according to the speed of your connection. The more you pay, the faster it will be. It is very important to know how to check if you are getting what you pay for. You might be surprised to find that this is not the case, in which case it may be necessary to call your internet business. Here are all the details for you to check the speed of your internet connection at home.

Ookla speed test

A quick and easy way to test your internet speed is to use Ookla Speedtest, which measures the time it takes to transfer data between your computer and a remote server through your local ISP connection.

The real benefit of using comes from creating an account. With an account, you can change settings, such as choosing a server to test, and make it permanent so that it is recorded on every visit. You can view your entire test history to see how your internet connection changes over time, which is useful if you are going through an upgrade or downgrade and want to see the change reflected in life. real, not just on an invoice. .

Speedtest is still useful without an account. Use the mobile applications to test on your smartphone (iOS, Android); it also has native apps for Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, and even Apple TV. It determines its location and links it to a local Speedtest server. All you have to do is click on the “Go” button. The whole process should take less than a minute and you can see how it goes in real time.

When complete, view your connection’s upload and download speeds measured in megabits per second (Mbps). You have the option to share the information via social networks by clicking on the buttons at the top of the social networks. There is also a channel icon for grabbing a link that you can post anywhere, like an image or web link, or even embed it on a page.

Run the test several times by clicking the “Go” button several times; You will see fluctuations in data speed from test to test, depending on network congestion at any given time.

Once you’ve run it a few times, put these numbers in context – click on the “Results” link. Even without an account, Speedtest will allow you to compare your results with global average speeds. Click the tab to switch from download speed to download speed. If you used multiple connections (say you moved from an access point to your home and tested both locations) or used multiple connection servers, click “Filter results” to refine the tests / servers you want to see.

To compare your speeds with the rest of the world, visit the Speedtest Global Index, which offers average performance for fixed and mobile broadband connections around the world. Many ISPs run some version of Speedtest on their own servers to test client connections. These tests are part of the Speedtest dataset, which is used to create the Global Index and other items. For example, we use a global dataset to determine the fastest free nationwide Wi-Fi.

Other speed options

Speedtest is not the only game available for measuring internet connections. There are others that are worth trying, and the more you try, the better your options will be when contacting an ISP to complain about your rated speed.

Netflix, for example, which has a vested interest in ensuring that the Internet used by its customers is super fast, has its own speed test. Visit and you won’t even have to click a button. Run an instant download speed test. You can click for more results, get latency and download test results, and instantly share data on Facebook or Twitter. However, with you cannot choose which server you are testing with. There is also a FAST Speed ​​Test app for iOS and Android.

Final Words: How To Get Your Internet Speed ​​On PC And Mobile

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