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How to test your internet speed the quick and easy way

Bing Speed ​​Tester

Bing Speed ​​Tester

Imagine this scene.

You’re at your favorite coffee shop and you suddenly need to be in a meeting. There’s Wi-Fi (or failing that, you can set up a hotspot on your phone), so you think you’re ready to rock.

However, seconds into the meeting, everyone starts looking like they’re made out of Lego in the video. Frustration sets in and things start to go downhill.

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Yes, you may have had an internet connection, but you had no Well Internet connection.

If you had managed to test the connection beforehand, you might have had time to move around or use another network to get a better connection.

If only you had known.

But there are quick and easy ways to test your internet connection – no app required, just your web browser.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to type ‘speed test in Google (or Bing on a desktop or laptop). Here you will find internet speed testers embedded in search engine web pages.

A single click will give you an overview of your internet connection.

You can use this information to determine if your bandwidth is up to the task or if you’re running Zoom or Teams.

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If you don’t want to rely on internet speed checkers built into search engines, another option is to download an app. My favorite app, which is available for a wide range of platforms, is Ookla SpeedTest. I find this service provides a fast, reliable and accurate test.

I use these tests regularly, both outdoors and at home or in the office. It offers a bit of an internet health check and allows me to keep tabs on any issues with my network and internet connection.