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How Your Business Can Thrive With Fiber Connectivity, Despite Offload

A Telkom manager describes the improvements they have made to optimize fiber connection for small and medium-sized businesses.

We live in a digital world with an increased need to stay connected. Whether it’s an online business, working from home, or video calling with loved ones, the importance of a fast, strong, and stable internet connection has become vital. The fiber network has proven to be the fastest and most efficient way to connect to the Internet, hence the nationwide fiber cable installation regularly implemented.

However, due to various load shedding stages disrupting the power supply, homes and businesses have had to adapt to avoid being disconnected for hours. Telkom, one of South Africa’s leading communications technology service providers, has taken this into consideration and improved its services, optimizing the connection for homes and small businesses.

Thabo Mdluli, replacing Clement Manyathela, recently hosted Makgosi Mabaso, Telkom’s Managing Director for Broadband and Smart Home, to discuss enhanced services, staying connected in offload and answering listeners’ questions about fiber.

Listen to the full conversation below.

The pair discussed various issues regarding internet connections and how fiber is the most flexible and reliable internet connection available. Responding to a listener’s question, Mabaso mentioned the current theft issue surrounding DSL and copper cables causing major disruptions in the connection. She explains how Telkom recommends and encourages ADSL customers to switch to fibre.

We try to be really proactive in making sure that we migrate our customers to the latest technology where we know we would have minimal issues.

Makgosi Mabaso, General Manager: Broadband and Smart Home, Telkom.

Over time, we’ve really accelerated the deployment of fiber in partnership with Openserve.

Makgosi Mabaso, General Manager: Broadband and Smart Home, Telkom.

Mabaso also noted that measures have been put in place to help customers during load shedding and ensure homes and businesses don’t go offline for too long.

If it is a longer downtime, depending on the technical issues we may have, we are looking at how we can reimburse you for the downtime.

Makgosi Mabaso, General Manager: Broadband and Smart Home, Telkom.

For businesses looking for unlimited connection, even during load shedding, Telkom’s Core and Endless Fiber plans offer high-quality, high-speed, uncapped, throttling-free fiber.

Through their partnership with Openserve, individuals and businesses get free installation for a limited time. Plans include a Wi-Fi* enabled router, the ability to add value-added services such as Wifi Mesh, extenders, inverters, laptops and monitors, and voice calling plans to their fiber plan for a fee. additional charges.

For more information on Telkom Endless Fiber offers and other products, visit the official Telkom Business website.

*Terms and conditions of application.

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