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Husted Announces Ohio State University as Host of Broadband and 5G Industry Partnership – WKTN

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, who serves as director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation (OWT), announced Tuesday that the State University of Ohio (OSU) would receive $3 million to design a program for Ohio broadband and 5G. Sector partnership with the aim of developing a skilled workforce in the field of broadband. Once developed, the program will be made available to all higher education institutions in Ohio. This announcement is part of a broader effort by OWT and BroadbandOhio to increase the workforce needed to expand broadband access and 5G in Ohio.

“Strengthening Ohio’s Broadband & 5G Workforce” strategy, released in September 2021, calls for a broadband and 5G industry partnership that will lead the implementation of the goals set out in the strategy. As the host institution, OSU will identify a nonprofit telecommunications industry partner to lead the effort. The industry partnership will work to design and deliver statewide education and training programs and promote career awareness to provide the industry with a skilled workforce.

“The Ohio State University is the right institution to host the Ohio Broadband and 5G Industry Partnership because of their commitment to this work and strong support from the business and education communities. said Lieutenant Governor Husted. “This industry partnership will give the telecommunications industry a chance to work alongside training providers to develop a curriculum that will be available to any institution in Ohio. This will better prepare job seekers to enter the job market with the skills and qualifications that will help both individuals and businesses succeed.

“Workforce development has always been a top priority of the DeWine-Husted administration, and this announcement, along with additional programs at our institutions of higher education, will strengthen Ohio’s efforts to prepare workers to the in-demand careers of today and tomorrow while ensuring a skilled workforce for employers,” said Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor Randy Gardner.

“Our experience over the past two years has underscored that fast, reliable connectivity is not a privilege, but a necessity, and absolutely critical to success in the modern age. Ensuring that every Ohioan has online access and that the promise of next-generation connectivity – 5G – is realized, requires a well-trained workforce, whose members are experts in the latest technologies state-of-the-art,” said President Kristina M. Johnson. “Ohio State is often at the forefront of innovation and research, and I’m proud to work with the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, BroadbandOhio, the Ohio Department of Higher Education and other state partners, to develop an interdisciplinary program that will prepare Buckeyes for careers in this growing industry.Not only will this significant effort stimulate the economy by creating new well-paying jobs, but it will help bring connectivity to underserved communities and support other fast-growing sectors like artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computing.

Since launching the strategy in September, Ohio has announced three new programs across the state. These programs are located at career centers, colleges, and universities and will prepare participants for a variety of jobs in the telecommunications industry. The industry partnership will lead the development and delivery of additional education and training programs across the state.

Tuesday’s announcement represents another broadband expansion-related project that builds on the efforts of Governor Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Husted to expand and improve high-speed Internet access for businesses and families. all over Ohio.

The “Strengthening Ohio’s Broadband & 5G Workforce” strategy is available on the BroadbandOhio website: