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India improves global internet speed rankings and boosts country download speeds: report

Last update: June 20, 2022, 3:19 p.m. HST

India rises in global internet speed rankings

By April, India had fallen four places in the global rankings for overall fixed broadband median speeds, falling from 72nd to 76th place.

India moved up three places in the global rankings on median mobile download speed, reaching 115th position with a record of 14.28 Mbps in May, which is slightly higher than the speed of 14.19 Mbps in April. according to a new report released on Monday. India also improved its global ranking for overall fixed median download speeds from 76th in April to 75th in May, according to network intelligence and connectivity leader Ookla.

However, India’s performance in median fixed broadband download speeds saw a slight decline from 48.09 Mbps in April to 47.86 in May. Norway and Singapore take the top spots for global mobile speeds and fixed broadband speeds, with a median download speed of 129.40 Mbps and 209.21 Mbps, respectively. African countries, namely Ivory Coast, Gabon and Congo, recorded the highest growth in mobile download speeds and fixed broadband speeds respectively in the month of May, according to the report.

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By April, India had fallen four places in the global rankings for overall median fixed broadband speeds – from 72nd to 76th. The Global Index data comes from hundreds of millions of tests performed by real people using Speedtest every month to test their internet performance. The report comes as Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the self-made 5G test bed in the country. The 6G service, he said, will be launched by the end of this decade, adding that a task force has already started working on the project.

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