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India’s internet speed is among the slowest in the world, according to a digital quality of life study


India’s mobile internet speed is one of the slowest in the world, according to the Digital Quality of Life study. In the Internet speed category, India was ranked 109th out of 110 countries ranked in the study. According to the study, India ranked 59th out of 110 countries in global digital well-being. India has lost two positions since last year.

Digital Quality of Life Index 2021 is a study published by Surfshark, an online privacy solutions provider based in the Virgin Islands. Surf shark claimed to have interviewed more than 6.9 billion people. The study examines the five fundamental pillars that define digital quality of life – Internet accessibility, Internet quality, electronic infrastructure, electronic security and electronic government.

Under Internet Affordability, rank is 47th, Internet quality is 67th, electronic infrastructure is 91st, electronic security is 36th, and e-government is 33rd rank.

The best and the worst of digital India

The top criteria rankings for India were 21st broadband internet stability, 24th mobile accessibility and 24th online services index.

Although India ranks below Bangladesh in terms of electronic infrastructure, it ranks higher in Internet accessibility, Internet quality, e-security and e-government. India’s electronic security is better than China’s, and it has improved 76% since last year.

The DQI study also reveals that the Internet Accessibility Index has decreased by 75% since last year, which is 47th place. In 2021, people have to work 1 minute and 15 seconds longer to afford the cheapest 1 GB mobile internet plan, which is 40 seconds longer than the average. year 2020.

While Denmark was ranked number 1 in the DQL index, followed by South Korea and Finland. Cameroon, Guatemala and Angola were ranked last. Broadband internet is generally less affordable this year, and people had to work 11% more to afford it, a study also found.

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