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India’s mobile internet speed among the slowest in the world: study


Mobile Internet Speed ​​in India is one of the slowest in the world according to the Digital quality of life (DQL) study conducted by a cybersecurity company Surfshark. According to the results, India ranks 59th out of 110 countries in global digital well-being. India has lost two positions since last year.
For the study, Surfshark says it polled over 6.9 billion people and rated nations on five points: internet accessibility, internet quality, electronic infrastructure , electronic security and electronic government. India is ranked 47th for Internet accessibility, 67th for Internet quality, 91st for electronic infrastructure, 36th for electronic security and 33rd for electronic government, the study reveals.
If you compare India’s ranks with its neighboring countries, you will notice that although India is inferior to Bangladesh in terms of electronic infrastructure, it ranks higher in terms of accessibility, quality. Internet, e-security and e-government. India’s electronic security is also better than China’s, improving by almost 76% since last year.
The DQI study also reveals that India ranks 95th when it comes to people using the Internet. The Internet Accessibility Index has declined 75% since last year and now sits at No. 47. In 2021, Indians will have to work 1 minute and 15 seconds more to afford the cheapest 1 GB mobile internet plan, which is 40 seconds more than in 2020.
Overall, Denmark ranks first in the DQL index, followed by South Korea and Finland. The countries ranked last in the index are Ethiopia, Cambodia, Cameroon, Guatemala and Angola.
The study also found that broadband internet was less affordable overall this year, and people had to work 11% more to afford it.


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