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Inmarsat launches new CX platform for airlines to monetize in-flight connectivity


Inmarsat announced on Monday the launch of its innovative new OneFi customer experience (CXP) platform for airlines.

The one-of-a-kind solution will serve as a catalyst to monetize in-flight connectivity by bringing together a host of onboard services into a single portal interface, which passengers can easily access using their own personal devices.

OneFi provides a rich, airline-branded digital platform to enhance the passenger experience on board flights. It allows passengers to order food and drink, purchase seat upgrades, receive the latest flight and destination information, and sign up for airline loyalty programs, all on time. real from the comfort of their seat. In addition, passengers can browse the Internet, stream video and audio, shop online, and take advantage of other e-commerce offers, using high-speed in-flight broadband that airlines could choose from. to offer for free, funded by OneFi’s sponsorship and advertising features.

Additionally, OneFi is network independent and uses an open architecture, which means it can integrate with any technology infrastructure and any Internet Service Provider (ISP) used by airlines. , ensuring a uniform experience on mixed aircraft fleets. The platform is also scalable, giving airline customers the ability to add new third-party services over time and sustain their on-board offering.

Inmarsat is transforming global aviation by bringing full connectivity to aircraft and flight paths around the world.

Philip Balaam, President of Inmarsat Aviation
For many years, Inmarsat has championed the vast business opportunities of in-flight connectivity. However, so far airlines have struggled to realize the full potential of the business model. OneFi is a sea change for those looking to monetize their Wi-Fi services and ensure they keep pace with changing passenger needs.


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