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These days, we are fortunate to have wired and wireless networks that can carry huge amounts of data in the blink of an eye. However, some areas are under-provisioned with bandwidth, such as Schmallenberg-Oberkirchen in Germany. There, reporters ran a test last December to see which one would be faster: Internet, or a horse?

The long and the short is that Germany faces problems with disparate internet speeds Across the country. Some areas are well served by high speed fiber optic services. However, others, deemed less important by the free market, struggle with old copper telephone lines and subsequently experience lower speeds.

So the experience started from the photographer’s house [Klaus-Peter Kappest], who started an Internet transfer of 4.5 GB of photos over the Internet. At the same time, a DVD was given to messengers on horseback to their destination 10 kilometers away. The horses won the day, making the trip in about an hour, while the transfer on [Kappest’s] the copper connection was still crawling, only 61% complete.

Obviously, this is a test that can be played quite easily. The Internet connection would have easily gained over a greater distance, of course. Likewise, we have all heard the quote from [Andrew Tanenbaum]: “Never underestimate the bandwidth of a cassette-filled station wagon racing down the freeway.”

Notably, [Kappest’s] the house actually had a fiber optic line in the basement, but the bureaucracy had blocked all attempts to connect it. So the stunt was also a great way to bring attention to her plight and that of other people in Germany with similar issues in the digital age.

Maximum data transfer speeds continue to increase; an Australian research team set a record last year of 44.2 terabits per second. Of course, the hardest part is deploying this technology across the country. Express below the problems you have had in making a strong connection with your home or office.


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