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Internet Speed ​​Survey for Alexandria Residents

Fiber survey email header

ALEXANDRIA, La (WNTZ) — Studies show nearly 55% of adults found full internet access during COVID. The City of Alexandria is organizing a survey to better connect our citizens with Internet access.

According to the City of Alexandria:

The City of Alexandria recognizes that access to broadband Internet services is essential. We are asking for your help as we develop a strategy to meet local Internet needs. Please take a few moments to complete the following brief survey to help us identify homes and businesses that do or do not have access to reliable broadband services. Your input will be extremely valuable as we work to resolve this critical issue.

This survey has two parts. First, we would like to ask you to perform a speed test by clicking on the big “GO” circle in the speed test below. Next, please answer the survey questions about broadband availability, service satisfaction, and barriers you might encounter when accessing the internet in the city.

Finally, we ask you to share this speed test with your friends, family and peers living within the city limits of Alexandria so that we can reach as many residents as possible!

We take privacy seriously and want you to know that your information will only be used for broadband planning efforts and will not be sold to any company.