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Internet via electricity, cable TV lines? Authorities Offer Unique Data Transmission Methods to Connect Remote Areas


The government plans to use power cables to transmit internet data, a senior official said on Tuesday (January 29th). reports Express Financial.

According to the Managing Director of the Education and Research Network (ERNET) in India, Neena Pahuja, different alternatives like the vast network of power cable lines can be used to send data.

Pahuja added, however, that the internet would not be high-speed in nature, but would provide nominal speeds to ensure a basic level of connectivity for the masses. This mechanism would be mainly used in areas with low penetration of Internet connectivity.

“This is the kind of convergence that we have already started working on,” said during a speech at the Convergence India event.

ERNET India is a autonomous scientific society under the administrative control of the Ministry of Information Technology.

RS Sharma, Chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), said that there are huge opportunities to be used in building data networks hence the need to implement a different way of connecting the people.

Sharma said fiber is only a way to establish connectivity and that when it comes to remote areas of the country, there is a need to explore alternatives. He said that cable TV can be one of the most effective ways to increase internet penetration in remote corners of India.


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