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IPS Solar selects eCell from MultiTech for data transmission

Mounds View, MN – September 19, 2022 – MultiTech, a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services, announced that IPS Solar, a provider of commercial and industrial solar solutions, has selected the MultiTech’s MultiConnect® eCell cellular-to-Ethernet bridge for data transmission across its many solar gardens in Minnesota. The MultiConnect eCell Cellular to Ethernet Bridge quickly and easily adds cellular connectivity to existing wired assets for IPS Solar, providing reliable, always-on connectivity in environments with varying temperature conditions.

Leveraging the latest solar technologies and communications, IPS Solar, a commercial and industrial solar solutions provider, operates numerous solar gardens across Minnesota. The data to be accessed resides in solar inverters in the solar gardens. Often considered the brains of a project, solar inverters or PV inverters play a crucial role in any solar power system. Inverters extract the variable DC output from a photovoltaic solar panel by transforming it into utility frequency or AC energy that is fed into a commercial power grid or used by a local off-grid power grid. Capturing information from UPSs is essential for obtaining energy consumption measurements, but also for monitoring system downtime.

“Fiber or hardwired cable is prohibitively expensive for projects and MultiTech’s communication bridge has provided us with reliable and affordable connectivity – a real game changer,” said James Wagoner, Site Superintendent at IPS Solar. , based in Minneapolis. “We need cellular service equipment that can handle very extreme temperature conditions from minus 50 to over 130 degrees that require little to no maintenance and the MultiConnect eCell is enclosed in a rugged aluminum chassis suitable for our sometimes extreme environments.”

“Solar providers could learn a lot from IPS as they successfully generate electricity for homes and businesses across their state,” said Rick Bailey, senior product manager at MultiTech. “Not all community residents or businesses can take advantage of solar power on their own, so they must rely on remotely located solar power sources. These “solar farms” or “solar gardens” consist of solar panels shared by the community with owners or grid-connected subscribers. We are proud to have a solution that can help in the effort to use solar energy as an energy source and we are happy to see that supportive policies within the state have supported its value and the cost savings for families and businesses.

The MultiConnect eCell Cellular to Ethernet Bridge is available for 4G-LTE Cat 4 (MTE series) and Private LTE OnGo CBRS Cat 12 (MTE2 series) networks.

About IPS Solar

Impact Power Solutions, LLC is a full-service clean energy development company. For over 30 years, we have worked to provide our customers with solutions ranging from rooftop installations to multi-megawatt community solar gardens. Our company’s goal is, and always will be, to have a positive impact on people, energy and the planet through solar energy.

All businesses work to generate profits and create value, but the best run businesses do more. They have a broader and more comprehensive vision of corporate responsibility focused on creating value for all. This mindset has helped drive our business for 30 years, emphasizing long-term success over short-term gains. As we grow, the positive impact we have on our customers, the communities we serve and the environment also increases. We are committed to maximizing this on- and off-balance sheet impact.

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About Multitech

MultiTech improves work and life by leveraging sensor technology and connectivity to bring systems and processes into the future and generate new sources of revenue and efficiencies. Our extensive technology portfolio, combined with design, integration and manufacturing expertise, results in unparalleled performance, simplicity and user experience. We have a passion for service that drives us to meet and exceed expectations with exceptional service and support throughout the lifecycle of your solution. We never stop looking for new ways to solve problems with technology, which is how we continue to deliver industry firsts for ourselves and our customers.

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